Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nothing in particulaur

I weighed myself this morning - yep a day early and guess what - I've lost a measly 100gms! I know that is because I'm back on solidish food but geez I was expecting more as I'm exercising and all. I have no answers to this one but I dare say it is because I lost so much initially and it's just adjusting or plateauing out. It's not as if I can do anything differently - I can't eat any less!

So this week I will endeavour to Exercise more and Drink more water.

I have had cordial (which wasnt diet), yoghurt everyday (half a cup for morning tea and half a cup for afternoon tea) which is 94% fat free - I think that's ok? and one Caramello Koala - yes just one. I'm also drinking skim mocha jarra instead of coffee. Can't see what's wrong with that!!! I think I will keep a food diary this week and see what goes in......and discuss it with the dietician. I started solids this morning - had half a crumpet with jam for breaky...that was disgusting. Then a coffee for morning tea. Then a small chicken & cheese wrap for lunch. Water so far would be 600ml.

That's about all for now. I will officially weigh in tomorrow morning and measure myself. Hopefully I will lose a little bit more today so I get a nice surprise tomorrow!!! I feel good and people are noticing the weight loss so that's all that matters for now.


mjwdec73 said...

Scales aren't everything - give your body some time to adjust. Are your clothes looser? I'm so impressed with all of the exercise you are doing - that is so good.

I love my food diary - I'm finding it helps me keep track of what food groups I'm missing - that way I'm just that bit more balanced and less likely to miss out on food groups. Try it - it can't hurt.

Karen Sloane said...

Well, I think you are looking great. And, it's not just the weight. You are happy, positive and feeling good about yourself. You are actually glowing!

This time tomorrow it will be four (?) weeks since your op. You are trying to undo a 30year habit now.
Remember when you planned to take one day at a time?

Be good and give that cross trainer a real work out.