Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm doing well !

I'm home from my visit to the surgeon and the dietician. For those that don't know I had my op in Newcastle which is 5hrs from here. My parents live about an hour from where the doc is so that's no so bad.

I was so nervous when I got there - fear of the unknown. I saw the dietician first and she was stoked at how much I'd lost. (although her scales only said 9kg! - I forgot I'd put on 2kg between seeing her and the op). But I've really lost 11kg now. She said I'm doing all the right things and to keep up the protein with each meal. I took a food diary of what I'd eaten in the last week which was a good idea too. She said she didn't see the need for a fill as I was still losing weight and still had some restriction.

The surgeon said the same thing. He made an appointment for 2 weeks time just in case I need it. (he does the fills himself which I'm impressed with). And I have an appointment in 5 weeks time as well. So it depends on how I go. I'm happy with that - No fill for now.

My dad's birthday dinner was great. It seemed strange going to an all you can eat (and boy did they have some lovely food there of every kind) - I strolled up and down trying to choose what was my absolute favourite! I got a small plate of food and nearly got through it! Before banding I would have had 2 heaped plates of food, plus prawns and then lined up for dessert! I couldn't have eaten any more than I did if I tried.

I've made a big decision today - I'm giving away my "too big" clothes! I have some lovely clothes but these ones are far too big now and as I'm never going back to that size again I may as well give them away. That is a biggie for my head to get around - I feel like I should hang on to them just in case.


mjwdec73 said...


I'm glad to hear the weekend went well. Congratulations on the decision to get rid of the too big clothes - it is a really scary step.


Karen Sloane said...

Woo hoo - 11kgs down, still more to go.
Re; Weekend @ yr folks - that's always a good thing. They are cool and you know they love and support you - as they have done always.
Re; Fat clothes - ignore the voices. Drown them with water. Throw out the clothes. You will NEVER need them again. I'm sure that this is a giant step in an already mind blowing process, so just do it! Nike! Happy thought - think how many new skinny clothes you can fit in a wardrobe that was stuffed with fat clothes!!! And, remember the shoes.
BTW - Love you...